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Rebel for no real reason

Since the interwebs (=world) is flooded with reasons I decided it was time for a new battle. I call it the ‘no’ reason movement: Just rebel because you can!

I find it to be much more fun and rewarding to rebel low key, although I can respect a good reason, do you really need a cause? Is it not just fun to be a rebellion every once and a while?
> To connect with that inner spirit who does not care about consequences?
I mean, is the fact that to rebel is fun not enough reason? I think so. Personally I like to rebel by making people (un)comfortable with clothing. (Less of a mess than spray paint, easier than writing, it does not involve a lot of planning and  you don’t need to involve too many people). + I’m not aiming on anyone in particular, anybody who’s either offended or entertained by whatever I am wearing or how I look, is a win for me. I am counting frowns, smiles as I walk down the street and add bonus points if it gets a conversation started.

Rebel without a cause

>> I got you covered: A design for no reason as a reminder and example for the rest of the world.
Give it a try, get out there and stop being so serious.

Disagree to disagree, rebel when you feel like it,
for no reason at all. Because you can!

BUT for all you rebels with a cause >> Well… consider wearing some of my shirts too… there is quite the selection to offend people or make them uncomfortable: Religious things, NSFW designs, get out of my space shirts…. you name it. 

boring, university hoodie, university team, student, summerschoolScreen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.51.34 PMwhite, pigment, mentally challenged, summer, lightskinned, provoking, provo-kingcoño, konjo, cono, provoking, fuck, logo

 yes, it’s a free world and you may stand up against anything. You may fight for something you really care about, whatever makes you mad or sad, you may write concerns about everything that hits close to home, join a group, demonstrate, vote, riot. That being said, please leave your weapons at home… Killing or physically hurt people does not resolve anything, if anything it just makes things worse. Communicate, don’t retaliate



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