Provo-King clothing: Rebel designs, bold statements and fun messages in all sizes & colors

Rebel without a cause!

Provo-King thoughts.
I often question myself ‘Where are all the rebels these days?’ – I grew up in a 80s and 90s era with rock, grunge and punk music. There were people skating, skateboarding, BMX-ing on the streets and you could see graffiti everywhere. Resistance and anarchy were all over the place but nowadays everything is retro hipster, sleek and pretty, but everything looks the same.

Thats how Provo-King started, as a silent revolution a movement fighting ‘the boring’. We made a series of designs that blended in with that same modern look and feel but with a little hidden provoking or rebellion vibe in it.
We still believe in this original concept but over the years we did add more styles and colors to the mix. Provo-King clothing has slowly grown into a solid brand, a niche we like to refer to as ‘Undercover Rebellious’ or ‘Hipster rebellion’. We even like to call it ‘Rebellicious’ because it looks so sweet. :D.

Every design we create still has a fun or provoking message or image so you can make a statement -without actually expressing it-.

We think the world needs more rebels & we need more mavericks joining us in fighting the ‘dime a dozen’ this world has become.

Stop wearing boring stuff: Be bold, be brave and show your inner rebel!

Check out the shop to see what we got in store for you!


aka ‘the Provo-King’

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Just another boring university hoodie

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Rebel without a cause #provo-king

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Toys over boys

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