Provo-King clothing: Rebel designs, bold statements and fun messages in all sizes & colors

Yeah baby! It is summertime! 

Watermelons, short sleeves, picknicks, totes and crop tops! U just can’t go wrong (t)here!
Now that you know (= read in previous posts) how Provo-King got started, I want to share some of my favorite designs with you!

summertime, swing, kid, provoking, provo-king

Summertime swing.

summertime, swing, kid, provoking, provo-king

Summertime swing. Negative space design

Coming in swingin’ . This week I wanted to showcase some one my favo designs for this summer and I call it the “Summertime swing”

Negative space?
I picked this one because it is different. A little noir yet happy. Dreaming away into nowhere while you rock back and forth. Its not the printed part that makes it stand out, its what’s not printed.
This design does look amazing on almost anything but really rocks on a totebag ( >> that is my ‘humble’ opinion anyway). I am super excited about this piece because it breaks free from the same ole boring totes. Its stylish, crispy clean and I realize it is not as ‘provoking’ as I usually create but I really love the usage of negative space. Plus, who does not like playground swings?

Anyway, stay tuned to see my upcoming weekly picks and while you wait, don’t be shy to check out the (updated) shop and find your own favorites.



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