Provo-King clothing: Rebel designs, bold statements and fun messages in all sizes & colors

Are you ready to rebel?!

Yeahbaby! You’ve arrived at Provo-Kings Shirt store where you can find a great selection of individualized clothing with provoking statements, subtle –and not too subtle– messages  and bold sleek designs. Texts that will most certainly effect your surroundings wherever you are headed; turn heads at festivals & music events, at school or university or draw attention just walking down the street. We offer affordable priced clothing with catchy statements, slick designs and sometimes rude messages. For who? For you! We got a mix of mens and girly t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, sweatshirts, croptops, workout gear, tote bags and even some cool kids/baby outfits in stock. , so whatever you need, we probably have it available.
BUT If it so happens to be, that you cannot find what you were looking for… Either come back later -(the site will be updated) – or hit us a message and tell us what you need! – We are nice like that…

The king is still here! Since 2009 we are shaking up (OR: ‘disturbing’) the world with our provoking ideas. We got hit hard by the crisis and it took a while to get back at it but we are still going, growing even stronger we dare say! Soldiering on to claim our empire. We got some new designs online, fresh colors and added more styles. All colors, on all formats, for all ages, all sexes and all religions. We don’t rule anybody out, we rule them all! 

Have a great day!

About our vision & mission:

We think the world needs more rebels. More mavericks fighting the ‘dime a dozen’ this world has become. A silent scream that shouts out whatever you want to say -without you really saying it-.
Provo-King clothing is a niche we like to refer too as ‘Undercover Rebellious’ or ‘Rebellicious’ It does not look like its ment to be rude but it kind off is. It’s sleek define design can be a quiet statement, a twisted message or a subtle remark. Sometimes it’s not too subtle, maybe a even little too bold, sarcastic and/or/but(?) sometimes just funny or perhaps true. Looks are deceiving, and we make it look good. We’re all set: fully restocked, reloaded and ready for endless summers!



It’s a just print, on a shirt, it is entirely up to you how to interpret that (maybe a little twisted) message – if you however, feel offended by it… It might be yourself thats the bigger issue and not the clothing or the person wearing it… We stand by the ideology that all opinions & messages may be heard or seen and should available to anyone! (Yes, our realm aims to please)

So shop now & regret it later! 🙂

The Provo-King Recipe:

Add 25% of Rebel

Mix in 15% of Awesomeness

 to 15% of Positivity

Flavor everything with 20% of Happiness

Add a pinch of Awkwardness (±5%) 

whilst stirring in 20% of Creativity